UPDATE: Check out https://onecommons.github.io/preview!

Currently this site serves as an archive of projects of mine that explored ways to building decentralized collaborative systems. Decentralized systems interest me in particular because, by avoiding a central authority, they are more resistance to control and manipulation by commercial or political interests.

As the Internet becomes more and more deeply intertwined in all aspects of our life it may evolve into a medium of control, enforcing conformity and narrowing the breadth of human experience.

Or it may evolve into medium that fosters collective intelligence and action that helps us realize different world by harnessing the vast potential for creativity and human agency that is constrained by the social structures we inhabit.

I believe that the path we take down this fork in the road, so to speak, is greatly dependent on how control and authority is distributed by the systems that define the Internet at its various layers. This belief is what animates the work here.

In the next couple of months I hope to release a new project that pushes some of these ideas forward. So check back soon!