We’re a fun group of young professionals with some extra office space. If you’re an individual looking for a desk, or a small team looking for an office, we’ve got you covered.

Location: Cannot be beat! We’re located less than 2 blocks from 24th st. BART, right by Mission Pie (mmmm pie) and dozens of other tasty Mission favorites.

The Space: We’ve got lots. About 2500 sq ft.including:

  • natural light

  • private offices

  • communal areas

  • a shared kitchen

  • two bathrooms

  • a shower

  • cleaning service

  • and more.

The Rent: $350 for a single desk. Talk to us about a deal if you want more than a desk or two.

You: A person, or group of people, that has no desire to leave The Mission, ever – you’ll fit right in.

We’ve been painting and fixing the place up, but there’s still room for improvement. We welcome your suggestions and creative flair.

Email us if you’d like to come by and check out our digs, office@onecommons.org

Front Lounge (1)

Bar Lounge (2)

Conference Room (2) Desk (Adam) (1) Desk (Swiyyah) (1)  Kitchen (1)