Vesper is open source framework for web application development that enables content from disparate sources to be replicated and recombined in a consistent and composable manner.

Data virtualization.

Vesper provides a data access layer that lets applications update and query a variety of  datastores (including SQL, NOSQL, RDF, plain text) as JSON.  It includes a JSON query language that is designed to be translated to the native datastore’s query language. Its’ JSON model is compatible with the Semantic Web/Linked Data model without requiring developers to have familiarity with that technology.

Split, fork and recombine data.

Vesper can maintain change history and metadata contexts and optionally store it separate from the primary store. This enables data to be replicated and merged intelligently, similar to distributed revision control system like Git.

Very rapid application development.

Putting aside all the above, we just want develop web applications rapidly and agily and Vesper’s JSON-centric model helps us do that by greatly simplifying data management.

Learn more about Vesper here or get the code here.